Man Arrested By Gillette Stadium After Police Find Cache of Weapons

A man was arrested Saturday morning after police say they found swords, a stun gun, a meat cleaver and other weapons in his car at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

Matthew Bromson, 48, of North Granby, Connecticut, was charged with three counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, possession of an electric stun gun, trespassing and disorderly conduct, Foxborough police said.

Bromson was arrested after officials were notified just after 11 a.m. ET about a suspicious man in the stadium employee parking lot. A search of his vehicle yielded " an electric stun gun and several sharp edged weapons," police said in a statement.

The discovery came a day after the Winter Classic hockey game was held at Gillette, which also hosts the New England Patriots.

Police called the arrest an "isolated incident," and said there was no threat to the stadium. It was not immediately clear whether Bromson is affiliated with the facility.