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Man carrying gun stops stabbing spree at Salt Lake City grocery store

A citizen with a gun stopped a knife-wielding man as he began stabbing people at a downtown Salt Lake City grocery store, police say.

Police say within seconds of purchasing a kitchen knife at a Smith’s grocery store, the man turned it into a weapon and seriously injured two people around 5:30 p.m. on Thursday.

“One person was holding his temple, gushing blood pretty profusely,” witness Patrick Brown told He said the other was clutching his stomach and fell to the ground.

Police say another bystander with a concealed carry permit witnessed the attack and stepped in to keep it from escalating.

“The individual with the concealed carry permit saw some of this taking place,” Salt Lake Police Lt. Brian Purvis told “He was suspicious of what might be going on, and when he saw the stabbing he just drew his pistol and challenged the individual,” which caused the alleged attacker to lie on the ground.

Police arrived within minutes and arrested the suspect. The victims were taken to local hospitals in critical condition. Their identities have not been released, but police say they are males, one in his 40s and one in his 30s.

Police have not yet interviewed the man in custody, who they say is in his 30s, and they have been unable to speak to the victims while they are treated for their injuries. The exact condition of the victims is unknown, but police believe the injuries are very serious.

Police have not identified a motive in the attack, Purvis said, and based on what witnesses stories, the attack appears to be random.

Police are going over surveillance videos to determine what else the man may have done before the attack.

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