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Man shot attempting to rob group waiting to buy LeBron James sneakers

A Georgia man attempting to rob a group of people waiting in line to buy LeBron James' newly released sneakers was killed after one of the men he was robbing pulled out a gun, according to Atlanta police.

The group was waiting in line early Saturday morning to buy the LeBron X Denim sneakers when a man approached with a gun and attempted to rob them, according to police. Witnesses told authorities that one of the customers had a concealed weapon and shot and killed the man. 

NBC's Atlanta affiliate WXIA reports that the man stayed in line after the shooting.

No charges have been filed against the shooter, and the investigation so far has backed the man's claim that he was acting in self-defense. He also had the appropriate permit to possess the gun, WXIA reported.

The new sneakers cost $180 and are being sold online for much greater than their retail value.