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Manhunt for Trooper-Slay Suspect Eric Frein Sparks Scam

Con artists have been soliciting donations to support the two-week-old search for Eric Frein, police said Thursday.

The manhunt for alleged cop-killer Eric Frein, which is about to enter its third week, has sparked a telephone scam, police said Thursday. The caller claims to represent the Pennsylvania State Police and asks for money to continue the search for the 31-year-old military buff who is believed to be holed up in the woods. "The Pennsylvania State Police do not and will not solicit money from residents, so please do not provide any personal information or offer to send money to the caller if you are contacted," the agency said.

Frein is accused of killing one trooper and critically wounding another in a Sept. 12 ambush on the Blooming Grove barracks. Investigators say soiled diapers and cigarette packs they have found in the forests of Barrett and Price townships lead them to believe Frein is still lurking nearby. Police and local residents have also spotted a figure in a dark hood and heard gunfire, but the terrain and water crossings are preventing K-9 units from following his scent.


— Tracy Connor