Paul ‘Shortycane’ Grice, Escaped Arkansas Killer, Nabbed

A dangerous Arkansas prisoner known as "Shortycane" was nabbed Monday, several hours after he escaped from jail by draping a blanket over a razor wire fence and clambering over, NBC News confirmed.

Paul Grice was nabbed at 11:10 a.m. local time in Monticello, Arkansas — some 50 miles east of the Dallas County jail, police said.

It was not immediately clear how the 38-year-old escapee was captured or how he managed to get that far from the lockup in Fordyce, Arkansas.

But one of Grice's first stops after breaking out just after midnight was his cousin's house in the town of Montongo, according to NBC affiliate KARK 4 News.

"He knocked and peeked into my door, and asked my daughter-in-law where I was and he woke me up," the cousin, Amanda Parks, told the station. "He just wanted to know about the tires on his truck and if his truck was running. He asked for his keys, I said 'Go,' cause I don't want any part of this."

Grice's truck, however, was not working. So while he high-tailed it into the woods, Parks said she called the cops.

Grice was being held at the jail for aggravated burglary with a firearm and was awaiting a transfer to a more secure prison, said Cathy Frye, a spokeswoman with the Arkansas Department of Corrections.

But back in the 1990s, Grice did time for second-degree murder, Frye said.