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Marching to foreclosed home, accompanied by cops

Yates McKee, 32, brought a housewarming gift on the march.
Yates McKee, 32, brought a housewarming gift on the march.Miranda Leitsinger /

Several hundred housing activists and “Occupy” protesters are marching toward the home in Brooklyn that they intend to seize on behalf of the homeless Glasgow family.

Police are escorting them toward their destination, and have so far taken no action to stop them.

Despite a steady drizzle falling on the marchers, the mood is festive. People are carrying balloons and playing drums. One fellow is blasting away on a vuvuzela horn. They are chanting things like “back to the neighborhood” and “block by block.” And many marchers are carrying wrapped “housewarming gifts,” such as chairs, stools and plants.

 They have stopped at other foreclosed homes in the area before heading toward the home they have targeted for the Glasgows.

At one, Yates McKee, a 32-year-old art historian carrying a potted palm tree, said he joined the march “to stand with communities that are resisting the foreclosures and evictions. That's really in a way the 'ground zero' of the financial crisis.”

“The plant is a metaphor for sustaining life,” he said. “That’s really what housing is about. It's something that ... helps to sustain the lives of families and that is a right that is being fundamentally violated.”

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