Martin Kaszycki, New Jersey Hunter, Admits Staging Fake Scene After Illegal Bear Kill

A New Jersey hunter has admitted he illegally bagged a black bear on the wrong side of the border and then staged a fake "kill site" to cover up the crime.

Federal prosecutors say Martin Kaszycki, 36, set out bait near his workplace in Newfoundland, N.J., and then used a bow-and-arrow to kill the 450-pound bear from an elevated stand out of hunting season.

He drove the bear across state lines and told a New York weigh station employee that he had killed it there, then repeated the lie when he took the hide and skull to a Pennsylvania taxidermist to have them mounted, the feds said.

A few days later, when New Jersey Fish and Wildlife Officers questioned Kaszycki about the bear, he again insisted it was killed in New York.

That night, he took the bear guts to New York's Sterling Fores, put them in the woods and then led state officers to the site the next day, prosecutors said.

As a result of his plea agreement, Kaszycki has to pay a $5,000 fine, turn over the skull and hide, and surrender his hunting license until he is sentenced in February.

It's unclear if he will face any jail time for the October 2012 kill, but the charges carry up to a year in prison.

He also has to pay $1,250 to the Woodland Wildlife Refuge, which cares for orphaned bears.

An attorney for Kaszycki could not be reached for immediate comment.