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Maryland man accused of shooting at truck of Trump supporters after they honked at him

Douglas Kuhn, 50, allegedly fired a shotgun as a truck drove by after they honked at him, police said. No one was injured.

A Maryland man is accused of firing a shotgun at a truck with two Trump supporters after they honked as he was putting up a sign in his yard, police said.

No one was hurt in the incident, which happened around 2:30 p.m. Saturday in Kingsville, a community of around 4,400 northeast of Baltimore, Baltimore County police said in a statement.

Douglas Kuhn, 50, was arrested on two counts of first-degree assault and other charges, police said.

Police said that Kuhn was putting up a political sign on his property and that the men had a political sign in the back of the truck. They did not provide additional details about the signs.

The people in the truck told NBC affiliate WBAL of Baltimore that they are Trump supporters and were giving a friendly honk to Kuhn while he put up a Black Lives Matter sign.

The victim "honked his horn several times" at Kuhn, and he "picked up a shotgun and discharged it as they drove by," causing no injuries or damage to the vehicle, police said.

Bradley Lang, who was in the truck with his father, told the station that the honk was intended as a neighborly gesture.

"It's Kingsville, it's a friendly area. You know, everyone honks at each other," he said. He told the station they were around 100 to 200 feet away when Kuhn fired.

Lang said they were scared but thankful that no one was hurt.

A phone message to a person who appears to be Kuhn in public records was not immediately returned Monday night.

Online court records did not appear to list Kuhn's attorney Monday night.

The Baltimore Sun reported that Kuhn's attorney said he intends to plead not guilty, and the attorney told the judge at a hearing Monday that if the allegations are true it would be "an aberration of character" and that Kuhn has no past criminal history.

Kuhn was ordered to serve home detention until his next court date, WBAL reported.

Baltimore County District Court Judge Philip Tirabassi at Monday's hearing wondered aloud: "How did it get to the point where he pulls out a shotgun? What has the world come to?" according to WBAL.