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Massive Pipes Wash Up on a Beach in England

Huge pipes large enough to drive cars through washed up on beaches in Norfolk, England, after falling off ships headed to Algeria.
A man poses with a giant pipe that washed up on a beach in Norfolk, England.
A man poses with a giant pipe that washed up on a beach in Norfolk, England.Reuters TV

Instead of seeing overcrowding and towels, visitors to beaches in Norfolk, England, found giant pipes — the longest 1,574 feet long.

The pipes, made of plastic and 8 feet in diameter, washed up on the shore after coming loose from ships headed to Algeria, BBC reported.

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The tubes are not dangerous to the public and will be relocated to Norway, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency told BBC.

However, Pipelife, the Norwegian firm that makes the pipes, asked people to stay away because they could be crushed, according to The Guardian. People have been taking pictures on top of or next to the pipes.

Trygve Blomster, the export manager at Pipelife, told The Guardian, “If you fall beside that while it moved you will be smashed. If you walk on the pipe and you drop off it is extremely dangerous.”

The wide diameter means the pipes are large enough to drive a car through.