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Memphis Zoo Monkey Named Zimm Recaptured After Nearly 2 Days Missing

Zimm the monkey has been recaptured after escaping and wandering into the zoo's culvert system on Thursday afternoon.

A monkey missing for nearly two days from the Memphis Zoo has been recaptured, officials said Saturday.

The sneaky Sulawesi macaque named Zimm was being examined by the zoo's hospital after escaping from her enclosure late Thursday afternoon and eluding zookeepers.

The monkey scaled the wall and then managed to hoist herself up and out of her enclosure, said Laura Doty, a spokeswoman with the Memphis Zoo.

"Zimm,” the escaped Sulawesi macaque, has been found and is currently undergoing observation in the Memphis Zoo’s hospital.Memphis Zoo

Zimm wandered to the nearest opening and into the facility's culvert system located on zoo property, where she apparently remained until her capture.

Staff had been on around-the-clock shifts searching for the 3-year-old, 10-pound monkey, Doty added.

Zimm will have a brief stay in the Zoo's hospital before returning to Primate Canyon, Zoo officials said.Memphis Zoo

"The key strategy here was patience," Matt Thompson, director of animal programs, said in a statement. "Zimm had a very big day yesterday, and she's safe and secure now. I'd like to thank our staff for their dedication and hard work, and the continue support we received from the community."

Zoo officials will conduct a thorough investigation into how the monkey managed to escape. Thompson added that Zimm's exhibit, as well as all the other exhibits at the Memphis Zoo, meet all requirements set by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

"She's an extremely spirited, athletic animal," Thompson said. "This is a very rare occurrence."