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Miami girl, 7, honored for fighting off would-be abductor

A 7-year-old girl who fought off a man at least twice her size was honored by Miami police Tuesday for being one of the city's youngest crime fighters.

On July 27, A-nari Taylor was playing with her cousin, Brandon Mincey, 4, and other kids outside Mincey's apartment when a man walked up to Brandon, screaming, “God told me to take him, God told me he’s coming with me,” according to police.

The would-be abductor, identified as 39-year-old David Moore, then allegedly grasped Brandons arm, but A-nari sprang into action, punching and kicking him.

Taylor said she was frightened by the man, but she kept struggling with him to try to free her cousin.

"The man started pulling him, and we start pulling him back and I had to chop and kick him so he could let Brandon go," A-nari said after Tuesday's ceremony, in which she received a standing ovation. "'Cause my mama always said safety is first."

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An adult in the apartment complex also rushed over to help.

"The little boy looked so scared," Tiffany Morris told "A-nari came over and started beating the man up, and she was like, 'Let my cousin go, let my cousin go.'"

Moore eventually let go of Brandon, Morris said. Police later arrested him in the neighborhood.

"With the information that [A-nari] provided the officers, we were able to apprehend the defendant," Miami Police Commander Anita Najiy said. "He was charged with attempted kidnapping and false imprisonment."

A-nari's mom, Tanya Dingle, said A-nari has always been interested in martial arts. 

"I'm very, very proud of her, and she knows that I love her. What she did was very brave," Dingle said. "She always said she wanted to get into karate, so this is the beginning."

Besides an award, officers at Tuesday's ceremony surprised Taylor with a SpongeBob SquarePants jacket.

Taylor said she still plays outside but always in a big group and with her mom watching close by.

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