Michigan House Party Advertised on Social Media Draws 2,000 People

Things got out of hand at a Michigan house party Saturday night after more than 2,000 people showed up.

James Taylor decided to throw a shindig for his friend's birthday, but when the party was advertised on social media with the hashtag #ProjectP, the guest list shot through the roof. Thousands of people, including teens as young as 14, turned up to his parents' remote farmhouse in Hinton Township, Michigan, ready for a rave, West Michigan's Fox 17 reported.

Photos and video from the rager show a packed crowd of people drinking and dancing, but things didn't end so cheerfully. Several partygoers called 911 to report what they suspected to be people suffering drug and alcohol overdoses. In the end, six people were taken to the hospital, emergency workers treated a man who fell off a barn roof, a woman said she was sexually assaulted and someone crashed a car into a neighbor's house.

Now Taylor, who turned 21 on Monday, and his parents are facing possible charges, but the host told the local news station the injuries and damages were all "worth it."