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Michigan's AG got drunk before a football game and wrote about it on Facebook

Attorney General Dana Nessel said she declined pleas from staff members to hire a crisis management firm to handle fallout from the incident.
Attorney General Dana Nessel announces charges for several security guards from Northland Mall in the 2014 death of McKenzie Cochran in Detroit on Oct. 14, 2021.
Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel in October.Max Ortiz / Detroit News via AP file

Two Bloody Marys on an empty stomach, it turns out, was a bit too much for Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel.

In a post on her personal Facebook page Wednesday, the state's top prosecutor acknowledged drinking too much before an Oct. 30 football game between the University of Michigan Wolverines and the Spartans of Michigan State — and declining the pleas of staff members to hire a crisis management firm to handle the fallout.

"Instead, I thought I would just share the events which transpired that fateful day," wrote Nessel, 52, a Democrat elected to the post in 2018.

In Nessel's telling, before the game she attended a tailgate party, where she "thought it seemed like a good idea to eat two Bloody Mary’s, since as long as you put enough vegetables in them, it’s practically a salad," she wrote. "As it turned out, this was not a brilliant idea. Also, I might be a terrible bartender."

Nessel said she started feeling sick at the game. Friends encouraged her to leave — "so as to prevent me from vomiting on any of my constituents," she wrote — and helped her up the stairs and into a wheelchair. After being driven home, her wife provided water and Tylenol "for what she knew would be a skull-crushing hangover the next day," she wrote. "(Best wife ever!)"

"I am human," she wrote. "Sometimes I screw up. This was definitely one of those times."

Nessel concluded the post with a photo that she said would help readers visualize the scene: a woman who appears to be Nessel slumped over in a stadium seat, a University of Michigan baseball cap pulled low over her face. In the row behind her, a fellow Wolverines fan gazes toward the field.

"My apologies to the entire state of Michigan for this mishap, but especially that Michigan fan sitting behind me," she wrote. "Some things you can’t un-see."