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Milwaukee Woman Jumps on Hood to Stop Carjackers

Melissa Smith thwarted thieves by leaping onto its hood and "hanging on for dear life," in a video that has now gone viral.
Image: Woman Jumps on Hood to Stop Car Thief
Security footage shows a Milwaukee woman, Melissa Smith, leaping onto the hood of her SUV as a thief attempts to drive away with the vehicle.WTMJ

Attention carjackers: Don’t mess with this lady.

A Milwaukee woman thwarted thieves from stealing her car by leaping onto its hood and "hanging on for dear life," in a video that has now gone viral.

Melissa Smith, 27, was pumping gas in her SUV on Tuesday afternoon when an unknown and unsavory individual got out out of a black sedan and let himself into her car and took hold, she told NBC Milwaukee affiliate WTMJ.

That’s when she decided to take matters into her own hands — and feet — and literally sprang into action.

"It's one of those holy s--t moments," Smith told WTMJ.

She said she said to herself, "'This is not happening to me today.' So I jumped on the top and held on for dear life."

In the video Smith is seen hoisting herself onto the car and staying put despite the car moving away.

But the suspect didn’t take her agile move seriously, she said, adding that he swiveled the car side to side to throw her off, she said.

"He laughed at me the entire time, so zero remorse," she said.

So Smith started screaming as loud as she could, finally forcing the carjacker to get out and abandon the SUV — but not before swiping her purse, phone and wallet, she said.

Police said the other car was also stolen and they are still looking for the suspects

"I can't believe that I reacted like that," Smith said. "I probably think I'm tougher than I really am."