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Missing Denver Broncos Fan Paul Kitterman Is 'Fragile': Family

Friends of Paul Kitterman, who vanished during a Broncos game only to be found 112 miles away, say they are still trying to “figure it all out.”

Friends and family of a Denver Broncos fan, who vanished during last week's game only to be found five days later 112 miles away, say he is in a “fragile” mental and physical state and they are still trying to “figure it all out.” Paul Kitterman, 53, "had his fill of football and decided to take a walk" in the middle of Thursday's game against the San Diego Chargers, said police in Pueblo, Colorado, where he was eventually found.

Family told NBC’s KUSA in Denver they believe Kitterman suffered some kind of breakdown and that they would be seeking medical help for him once he had rested. "They report that Paul is exhausted and in a fragile state, both physically and mentally,” according to the Grand Gazette newspaper in his hometown of Kremmling, Colorado.

Kitterman told police he slept in wooded areas during the trip and ditched his Broncos cap so that he would not be recognized. “He was healthy, he was fine, intelligible, lucid, he was knowledgeable about everything that was going on around him,” said Sgt Eric Gonzales of the Pueblo Police Department. Police have referred questions about the episode to Kitterman’s family.

Tia Bakki, a friend of Kitterman, said: “It’s not Paul. Paul would never do that. So that's what we have to focus on now. Piece apart and figure it all out." She told KUSA: “People that didn’t know Paul are worried about Paul because it’s just so abnormal and even though we found him and he’s alive and everything … it’s still extremely uncharacteristic of Paul.”



— Alastair Jamieson and Jacob Rascon