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Mother claims 8-year-old son forced to urinate in school trash can, wear garbage bag

"No child deserves to be treated this way," the woman said. The school district in L.A. said it is looking into the matter.

The mother of a Los Angeles elementary school student claims her son was forced to urinate in a trash can in his classroom, and then wear garbage bags to cover his wet clothing.

"No child deserves to be treated this way," Sonia Mongol said during a news conference Thursday.

Mongol said the alleged incident happened in November when her 8-year-old son asked his teacher at Manhattan Place Elementary School in Los Angeles if he could use the restroom and was told that he could not go during class.

When the child said he could not wait any longer, the teacher allegedly told him to go in a trash can in the front of the room, Mongol said.

"He got some urine on himself in the process. He went to the nurse's office. He received no help," she said. That's when the little boy was given trash bags to wear over his wet clothes, according to Mongol, who said she was never alerted to the incident by the school.

Manhattan Place Elementary School did not immediately return NBC News' request for comment.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Unified School District said in a statement Thursday that they are looking into the matter and have notified law enforcement officials about Mongol's claim.

“Los Angeles Unified takes all matters concerning the safety and well-being of our students very seriously," the district said. "Los Angeles Unified is also conducting an administrative investigation. Due to confidentiality laws, we cannot offer further details at this time."

CORRECTION (March, 8, 2019, 3:42 p.m. ET): A previous version of this article misspelled the last name of the mother making the claim. Her name is Sonia Mongol, not Mongul.