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Motorcyclist's Head-On Crash With Truck Caught on GoPro

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube this month, shows motorcyclist Jesse Lopez smashing into a firetruck on a mountainous California road.

A motorcyclist racing around a blind curve on a mountainous Southern California road barely escaped with his life in a frightening accident caught on his GoPro camera.

Motorcyclist Jesse Lopez was rounding a blind curve in Southern California when he wound up right in the path of an oncoming fire truck.Jesse Lopez

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube this month, shows Jesse Lopez trailing his friend during an April ride through the Angeles National Forest in Los Angeles County. Moments later, a truck heads down the two-way road and Lopez — apparently unable to steer away — smashes into the vehicle in a head-on collision.

He wrote online that he doesn't remember what happened because of memory loss — but he thinks he might have panicked when he saw the firetruck coming around the bend. He estimates it was going about 35 mph.

After the crash, Lopez was quickly attended to on the ground, and the GoPro even picks up the voice of the injured motorcyclist asking his friend to grab his camera for him. Lopez later said he suffered several broken bones.