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N.C. state trooper on desk duty over Instagram post defending police brutality

The account appeared to be taken down mid-morning on Friday.

A longtime North Carolina state trooper is on administrative duty over an Instagram post he allegedly wrote in which his message to victims of police brutality was that police "gave you what you deserved."

Sgt. Jonathan K. Whitley is being investigated by highway patrol after an opinionated and offensive post appeared on the Instagram account jkwhitley2608, State Highway Patrol Sgt. Michael Baker said.

The author of the post included “just a few random thoughts” about the media, the president and the NFL, among other topics. The account appeared to be taken down mid-morning on Friday.

"If you act like a fool toward police and you tote a beat down, don’t get on TV in hopes of getting your check. The police already gave you what you deserved," the post said regarding police brutality, reported The News & Observer.

The poster also said he didn't own a slave and "I owe you nothing. Including your HUD housing and EBT card," referring to Housing and Urban Development's affordable housing options and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program allowances provided to low-income families.

The poster said he highly respects the American flag and the military but feels “the exact opposite for the NFL.”

He also expressed contempt for "weak leaders," the public education system, "whiners," Democrats and the media, who he said are mostly "anti-American liberal supporting communist, and I can’t stand them.”

As for President Donald Trump, the poster seemed to have an affinity.

"President Trump will not be impeached, much less removed from office,” the post said. “I can’t wait to vote for him again.”

Whitley has worked for the highway patrol for 23 years, Baker said.