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Nearly $300,000 still missing from armored truck in N.J. highway mishap

Two bags of money went flying out the back of a Brink's truck on Thursday, one with $140K and the other with $370K, police said.

Nearly $300,000 remained missing on Friday from more than half a million dollars in cash that went flying from a Brink's armored truck on a New Jersey highway, authorities said.

East Rutherford police revealed Friday that two bags, one with $140,000 and the other with $370,000, fell out of the truck when a rear door malfunctioned, leading to a wild scene on Route 3 West shortly after 8:30 a.m. on Thursday.

Good Samaritans and Brinks employees recovered $205,375 of that flying money on the scene, police said.

"Five individuals either contacted the East Rutherford Police Department or another police agency, which led to the recovery of an additional $11,090," according to an East Rutherford police statement.

"As of this time, $293,535 is still missing."

East Rutherford police Capt. Phil Taormina told NBC News he's not sure how much of that missing money is in the hands of New Jersey motorists or blew away.

"Hard to tell, it was windy and the traffic dispersed a good amount of it," Taormina said.

A Brink's rep could not be immediately reached for comment on Friday.