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New Jersey woman says Uber driver gave himself a $100 tip, 5-star rating

Donna Wilson said the driver had asked her to see her phone so he could make a route adjustment on the app after taking her and her husband to their home.
Image: An man uses the Uber app as cars drive by in Washington, DC.
An man uses the Uber app as cars drive by in Washington, DC.Andrew Caballero-Reynolds / AFP - Getty Images file

A New Jersey woman accused her Uber driver of using her cellphone to give himself a 5-star rating and a $100 tip.

Donna Wilson said in a tweet earlier this week that her driver made a wrong turn and after arriving at her destination asked her if he could see her phone so he "could make a route adjustment" on the Uber app.

Later, when Wilson went into the app to rate and tip the man she noticed that an extra $100 had been added to her $54.71 trip and the driver had already received a rating.

Wilson told the Asbury Park Press that she and her husband had just returned from vacation and caught an Uber from the airport to their home in Willingboro. She said the driver was "very talkative," but during the ride he began to ask them questions about the cost of their trip and what they did for a living.

Wilson, who according to her social media accounts is a retired federal agent, told the outlet that she thought the line of questioning was getting "a little too personal."

During the ride to the couple's home, Wilson said the driver decided to take a different route than what was on the app's GPS and missed the exit he was supposed to take. When he finally arrived at their home, the driver asked Wilson if he could see her phone so he could note the route change in her Uber app.

Wilson, who said she rarely uses the ride-sharing service, handed over her phone.

"He did something on it real quick, handed it back to me, thanked me and left," she told the Asbury Park Press.

It wasn't until later that day when Wilson said she realized the driver had given himself a rating and tip.

"The guy had given himself five stars and a $100 tip. I was furious," Wilson said.

When she couldn't immediately reach an Uber representative by phone, she took her grievance to Twitter.

According to one of her tweets, she said she was given a $100 credit but because she rarely uses Uber she wanted a refund.

"Thanks but you can rescind credit. Your support team shut down the case without allowing me to express myself," she wrote.

A spokesperson for the company told NBC News on Saturday that Wilson has since received a full refund and that the driver, who was not identified, was removed from the app.