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New video shows brutal beating of D.C. Metropolitan Police officer during Jan. 6 riot

As Officer Michael Fanone screamed in agony, one rioter's voice could be heard over the noise: "I got one!"
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Footage from a Washington, D.C., police officer's body camera captured how he was savagely beaten as he pleaded for mercy and Capitol rioters rejoiced in the assault.

The video, which CNN obtained exclusively and aired Wednesday night, shows Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone being dragged down steps of the Capitol's Lower West Terrace during the Jan. 6 riot.

As Fanone screams in agony, one rioter's voice can be heard over the noise: "I got one!"

Fanone appears to be on his back as he desperately tries to fend off crowds of rioters, one in a red "Keep America Great" baseball cap, another in a Gadsden flag T-shirt and another carrying a pro-Trump flag.

At least one person screams for them to let Fanone go.

"We're better than this," the person can be heard saying.

With pro-Trump rioters all over him, Fanone begs his attackers to think of his four daughters back at home.

"I have kids," Fanone can be heard yelling during the brutal beating.

Eventually a path is cleared and Fanone is taken back into the Capitol where he struggles for air, according to the footage.

"Mike, stay in there buddy. Mike, it’s Jimmy. I’m here," a voice, identifying himself as Fanone's partner Jimmy Albright, can be heard saying. "Take his f------ vest off! He’s having trouble breathing."

The partner begs Fanone to keep his eyes open and remain conscious. He reminds Fanone he has to survive because they have an upcoming duck hunting trip.

"Mike, Mike, I’m here for you buddy. Come on, dude," he said, according to the video. "We're going duck hunting soon."

At least one person has been charged in the attack against Fanone.

Fanone has been vocal in his criticism of politicians downplaying the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol when hordes of rioters were egged on by former President Donald Trump's lies about election fraud.

The pro-Trump rioters tried to prevent Congress from formally accepting Electoral College votes that put President Joe Biden into the White House.