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Utah Teens Arrested After Livestreaming Ice Cream Theft on Periscope

Two teens face burglary and theft charges after deputies say they broke into a truck and stole ice cream, livestreaming the caper on Periscope.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ... livestreams?

Two Utah teens face vehicle burglary and theft charges after authorities say they broke into a truck and stole tubs of ice cream — all while broadcasting their escapades online.

Police said a West Weber resident called sheriff's deputies Sunday night to report seeing the boys ransacking the truck's refrigerated trailer on the Twitter app Periscope.

"It was a pretty bizarre case for us," Weber County Sheriff's Office Lt. Lane Findlay told NBC News. "First time we've dealt with a crime that was broadcast over Periscope."

Using the information from the caller, deputies were able to track down the creator of the video to a 16-year-old who lived in the neighborhood, Findlay said.

"He ended up confessing to the crime, that he and a friend had gone and broken in and taken three or four of these tubs of ice cream and apparently went and put them on people's doorsteps as gifts," he added.

The other boy, also 16, confirmed what the first teen had told police. Both will be referred to juvenile court for the charges.

Findlay said he didn't know if the boys ate any of the frozen treats themselves.

"Ice cream Robin Hoods, I guess," he joked.