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Not Dead Yet: Man Kicks Way Out of Body Bag

<p>A Mississippi man was pronounced dead on Wednesday, but proved he was still alive when the next day he was found moving his legs while in a body bag.</p>

The day after being pronounced dead, a Mississippi man moved his legs and showed he was still alive — while already in a body bag.

Walter Williams, 78, of Lexington, suffered from heart failure on Wednesday. When the coroner arrived that night and found no pulse, Williams was pronounced dead and he was taken to Porter and Sons Funeral Home.

The next day — moments before being embalmed — he was found kicking his feet in a body bag.

Byron Porter, the funeral director of the Lexington funeral home, said that this is the first time he's ever seen it, according to Reuters. "He was not dead, long story short," Porter said.

“It’s a blessing because he was gone, he was gone,” Stephanie Williams, his daughter, told NBC News. “The Lord wasn't ready for him to come home.”

Paramedics picked Williams up from the funeral home and took him to an area hospital, where he has been receiving treatment and his daughter said he is doing fine.

“He’s alert,” she said. “He knows everybody.”

Officials later said Williams may have appeared dead because of his pacemaker stopping and then starting up again.

"He’s still with us,” Stephanie Williams said of her father. “I’m glad he’s got a little more time with us. He wasn’t ready to go."

— with Reuters