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N.Y. man accused of sexually assaulting 5 people a week before he was scheduled to be sentenced in prior rape

Justin Washington was going to be sentenced Wednesday in Manhattan after he agreed to a plea deal that would have put him in jail for 30 days.

A New York man is accused of sexually assaulting five people in the Bronx a week before he was going to be sentenced to 30 days in jail as part of a plea deal in a separate rape case.

Justin Washington was out on bail when he allegedly assaulted four women and a man in a string of attacks on Sept. 15, according to a criminal complaint obtained by NBC News.

Washington, 25, was due in a Manhattan court on Wednesday to be sentenced in connection with a Feb. 22 incident involving his relative. The New York Post was first to report the news.

In the Bronx case, Washington allegedly broke into a man's apartment through an open window around 8:20 a.m. The man told police that he was sleeping in his bedroom and woke up to Washington touching his buttocks under his underwear, according to the criminal complaint. Washington asked the man, "Can I get a dollar, bro," it states.

The man said he offered Washington a dollar but Washington refused while stating, "nevermind, you're not understanding." Washington fled through the window as the man said he called 911, the document says.

About 40 minutes later, Washington allegedly went to the apartment of a woman who said she was home with her 9-month-old son. The complaint says that Washington started banging on her closed window. The woman said she called 911 and then opened the curtains to see Washington masturbating, according to the complaint.

Washington ran away and allegedly broke into the apartment of another woman, the complaint states. The woman told police that she heard a loud noise and when she went to investigate, she saw Washington standing in her living room masturbating, the document says.

The woman said Washington allegedly pushed her down on her bed, pulled her nightgown up, climbed on top of her and started masturbating, according to the complaint. The woman said she fought off Washington by biting his hand and hitting him in the head with a hammer. According to the complaint, the woman said Washington asked, "Can I get a dollar?"

Washington again allegedly fled. The complaint alleges that a fourth victim, a woman, told police that she was in the shower and saw a man's hand reach through her bathroom window and grab her underwear. The woman said she looked out the window and allegedly saw Washington masturbating before he ran off.

The fifth incident occurred around 10 a.m. and involved Washington allegedly assaulting a transient woman who was laying in the lobby of an apartment building. The complaint says that security footage showed Washington entering the building, pulling the woman's pants down and masturbating.

Police said in a statement Friday that Washington attempted to rape the woman and fled when a passerby came along. The New York City Police Department released photos and a video of Washington, dressed in a black sweatshirt and black sweatpants, and offered a reward of up to $3,500 for information.

He was arrested Saturday and charged with burglary, sexual abuse, forcible touching, attempted burglary, public lewdness, attempted rape, and attempted sexual abuse in the Bronx case.

Washington was arraigned on the charges Sunday. The Bronx District Attorney’s Office said they asked the judge to remand him into custody or set a $500,000 cash bail or a $1 million bond. A judge ultimately set his bail at $50,000 cash and his bond at $150,000. He remains in custody.

Washington's arrest raised questions about why he was allowed to be out on the streets following the alleged assault in February. A spokesperson for the Manhattan District Attorney's Office said Friday that it "conducted a thorough investigation" and had been in contact with the victim's family.

"Based on the evidence, we determined that this was an appropriate plea to spare the young survivor from having to testify, while holding Washington accountable for his conduct," Emily Tuttle said in a statement.

The office said that while investigating the Manhattan case, it was determined that prosecutors could not prove the element of "forcible compulsion" needed to prove first-degree rape. Prosecutors moved to dismiss the charge for third-degree rape.

Washington, who had no criminal record prior to the Manhattan case, ultimately pleaded guilty in August to second-degree coercion, which the office said carries the same level of felony offense as third-degree rape.

Following his arrest Saturday, Manhattan prosecutors said they will likely request an enhanced sentence if Washington is indicted in the Bronx case.

Attorney Adam Konta, who is representing Washington in the Manhattan case, noted the seriousness of the allegations out of the Bronx.

"Our justice system is based on the notion that the accused are innocent until proven guilty, and everyone is entitled to due process," he said in a statement.