Oregon Surfer Hospitalized in Rare Shark Attack

Authorities in Oregon were investigating a rare shark attack on the state’s Pacific Coast on Monday, Oregon State Police said.

In a news release, police said that Joseph Tanner, 29, of Portland, was injured while surfing at Indian Beach, about 80 miles northwest of Portland. Authorities were dispatched there at 4 p.m. (7 p.m. ET), police said.

Tanner was bitten on his upper thigh and lower leg, police said. The injuries were serious, the release said, and Tanner was air-lifted to a Portland hospital.

According to data collected by Ralph S. Collier of the Shark Research Committee, there have been 25 unprovoked shark attacks in Oregon since 1900. In California, there have been 154, including 13 that were fatal.

In 90 percent of the California attacks, the shark responsible was a Great White, according to Collier.

FILE: A surfer rides a wave along Indian Beach Friday, July 30, 2010, at Ecola State Park, near Cannon Beach, Ore. Rick Bowmer / AP