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Oregon teacher accused of attacking teen in road rage incident

PORTLAND -- A local teen says he was sideswiped, and punched in the face. He then learned the stranger accused of attacking him is a local special-needs teacher. 

The encounter happened Thursday afternoon at Southwest Johnson Street and Southwest 200th Court in Aloha. 

Alexander Hoang, 17, was driving home from school Thursday when he said someone started tailgating him in a 25 mph zone. He says the driver tried to make an illegal pass and then sideswiped him. 

Then the two pulled over at the side of the road. 

“He yelled at me ‘Are you trying to effing play games with me?’ Before I could say anything, he landed a couple punches to my face.

The first hard punch was to my lip and then to my eye, right here,” Hoang said. 

Police arrested Liberty High School teacher Bruce Clevenger after he left the scene. He’s facing hit-and-run and assault, among other charges. 

A witness followed the 62-year-old man home from the scene of the attack. 

Hoang went to the hospital with a busted lip and a black eye. He said he’s never been in a fight in his life. The biggest shock wasn’t getting punched; it was finding out who punched him. 

“I was really shocked to hear that. Really, a teacher? A teacher should be a good example to his students. I don’t know what got into him—unbelievable,’” he said. 

Hoang and Clevenger are in the same district but not the same school and never met until yesterday. The teacher is now on administrative paid leave. 

KGW reporter Reggie Aqui contributed to this report.