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Parent dispute leads to gunfire at youth football game in Texas

The son of one of the parents began firing a handgun during a "pee wee football game," a Fort Worth police spokesman said.

A girl was grazed and a woman shot in a leg Saturday when a parent dispute led to gunfire at a youth football game in Fort Worth, Texas, police said.

This incident started as a parent dispute at a "pee wee football game," Officer J. Pollozani of the Fort Worth Police Department said by email.

"It is believed, the son of one of the parents arrived at the location armed with a handgun and began discharging the firearm," he said.

The gunfire broke out during the third quarter of a game between the Fort Worth Longhorns and the 81G Bulldogs at Eastern Hills High School, NBC News affiliate KXAS in Dallas-Fort Worth reported.

A mother upset over an on-field fight between players called an older son, who arrived and allegedly opened fire, the station reported. Witnesses reported hearing more than 10 rounds coming from a small hill nearby.

The victims were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, Pollozani said.

"The actor is still outstanding," he said.

Jay Varela contributed.