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Philadelphia man faces charges after police discover video of kittens being tossed

A Philadelphia restaurant owner who appeared to be "pulling, tugging, choking" and swinging four kittens by their tales on video has been released from jail after posting bond.

Yu Zhen Chen, 25, was arrested on July 26 when police discovered the video while investigating an unrelated shooting at Chen's takeout restaurant, Red Star Chinese.

"The male was observed in the video pulling, tugging, choking, swinging the kittens by their tale in a very violent motion -- also throwing them, almost like he was bowling with the kittens," Richard Loos, of the Pennsylvania SPCA, told

The 10-minute video shows Chen was "intending on purposely hurting and torturing these kittens. It's very disturbing," Loos said.

Chen faces multiple counts of animal cruelty. He was released from jail Sunday night after posting bond. 

Investigators were able to rescue the mother cat, but only two of her kittens. The cats are recovering at the SPCA; the two other kittens have yet to be located.

Chen and employees at the restaurant declined to comment on the allegations.

"This is not neglect. This is malicious," Loos said. "I'm hoping he does jail time."

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