Pilot, Teen Killed in Plane Collision at Young Eagles Rally

A youth flight rally resulted in two deaths on Saturday when two planes crashed midair. Members of the Experimental Aviation Association sponsored group, Young Eagles, were believed to be flying back to a local airport when a two-passenger Cessna 172 aircraft crashed into a Searey aircraft near Buffalo, NY. The 78-year-old male pilot and his 14-year-old male passengeraboard the Cessna aircraft were fatally injured in the accident, according to the Lancaster Police Department. The other aircraft made a hard emergency landing, but the two passengers only suffered minor injuries, police said.

The National Transportation Safety Board, The Federal Aviation Administration and local police are conducting an investigation. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the pilot and passenger involved in the mishap,” The EAA said in a statement. A total of 60 youths ages 8 to 17 took part in the Young Eagles rally, according to the EAA. The names of the deceased and injured have not been released.



Mel Bailey