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Police bodycam video shows moment suspect opens fire on deputy through rolled down window

The shooter, identified by police as Javier Hernandez Morales, died at the scene, authorities said.

Police body camera video shows the moment a man opened fire on a sheriff’s deputy in California through his rolled down window before the officer returned fire and kills the man.

The graphic footage from the Feb. 17 shooting was shared by the Napa County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday.

In the video, Deputy Riley Jarecki is standing on the passenger’s side of a vehicle and asks a man sitting in the driver’s seat, Javier Hernandez Morales, if she can look around the vehicle. Morales puts his hands in the air appearing to give the deputy permission.

Napa County Sheriff's Deputy Riley Jarecki.KNTV

"Wait right there, don't move. OK?" Jarecki says before walking around the back of the car to the driver's side.

Jarecki then orders Morales to roll down his window. Morales appears to hesitate, rolls the window down, quickly pulls out a gun and fires at least one shot at the deputy.

Jarecki immediately draws her weapon, fired multiple shots at the car and killed Morales.

The Napa County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post on Wednesday that Jarecki was not physically injured during the shooting and was placed on administrative leave as the department investigates.

“Loss of life is not something that’s celebrated. We’re very concerned for Deputy Jarecki and her wellbeing," Undersheriff Jon Crawford said during a press conference. "It’s incredible composure. You saw how close those shots were fired."

"She was able to use her radio broadcast clearly. She was able to stay on her feet, and stay engaged. While it’s not something to be celebrated, we are proud of her actions,” Crawford said.

The sheriff's department did not say what led up to Jarecki approaching Morales, but said he had two guns in his car, one of which was reported stolen.