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Police Comb Woods for Accused Ambush Killer Eric Frein

A "shelter in place" order in a Pennsylvania community has been lifted but the search for accused killer Eric Frein continued Saturday.

Pennsylvania police lifted a “shelter in place” order in a community where they had been hunting a man accused of ambushing and killing a state trooper and wounding another, but warned residents they still haven’t caught their man.

Since Friday evening police had ordered residents of parts of Monroe County to stay indoors while they combed the woods for Eric Frein, 31, who is accused of opening fire on Pennsylvania State Police Cpl. Bryon Dickson with a high-powered rifle, killing him, in an ambush outside a police barracks on Sept. 12. Frein allegedly then shot and wounded another trooper who came to Dickson’s aid. At 9 p.m. Saturday the order was lifted and weary residents were allowed to go back to their homes.

“Our troopers are determined to find him and bring him to justice,” a spokeswoman for the state Office of Homeland Security said in a statement.

Police believe Frein, who is described as a survivalist with a longstanding grudge against government and law enforcement, and who may be armed with two rifles, is hiding in the wooded area of Monroe County. Police have been hunting him for eight days. Officials urged residents to lock their doors, keep exterior lights on, and check for unlocked sheds where he may seek shelter, and said the search is continuing.

Residents like Canadensis resident Richard Barry hopes the search ends soon. "I'm hoping that sooner or later he [Frein] just says 'I give up. You win,'" Barry said.


— NBC News and The Associated Press