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Police investigate Georgia cheer coach accused of having girls strip

A high school cheerleading coach is under police investigation over squad members' allegation that they played a stripping game at her suburban Atlanta home in July.

According to a police report obtained by the Smoking Gun, the game, called “judge and jury,” involved the coach acting as the judge, older team members acting as the jury; the younger team members were supposedly those put on trial.  

The younger team members would have to answer questions beginning with the word “Honestly.” If they did not answer correctly, they were told to remove an article of clothing or run laps. Cheerleaders could reduce the number of laps to run by taking off an article of clothing, according to the police report.

The game came to light when a cheerleader told a school official, who then questioned the coach about the sleepover.

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The coach told the school official that she closed her eyes and did not see if anyone removed all their clothing, according to the police report.

The coach said she saw “only the students (who) removed clothing to reveal their undergarments.”

The coach resigned shortly afterward from her position at Lovejoy High School in Clayton County, according to the Clayton News Daily.

WSB-TV in Atlanta spoke with the mother of a cheerleader who attended the July 18 sleepover. The mother said her ninth-grade daughter had been too ashamed to tell her about the night until recently. According to media reports, the game was intended to be a bonding experience.

"What child ain't going to try to fit in? They telling her this is what we do every year,” the mother told WSB-TV. “Y'all do this every year? Really?"

Police are also investigating whether the alleged game was captured on video.

This isn't the first time the cheer squad's adult leaders have been in the spotlight. In May 2011, the treasurer of the cheer squad booster club was arrested for stealing $4,000. Two mothers were also accused of being a part of the theft, according a report by WSBTV. 

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