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Police Spent $11 Million in Hunt for Trooper-Slay Suspect Eric Frein

Pennsylvania State Police said the majority of those costs were on personnel and overtime in the 48-day hunt for Frein, accused of killing a trooper.

Pennsylvania authorities spent more than $11 million during the 48-day manhunt for alleged ambush killer Eric Frien, who is accused of gunning down a state trooper in September and then eluding police for weeks in a heavily-wooded part the state.

Pennsylvania state police said the majority of those costs, $10.4 million, were spent on personnel services, including $6.8 million in overtime. Frein, 31, was captured outside an abandoned airport hanger in Tannersville, about 90 miles north of Philadelphia, on Oct. 30. Nearly 1,000 law enforcement officers searched for Frein before his capture.

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Authorities say Frein, described as a survivalist with anti-government views who’d hoped to spark a "revolution," lay in wait for troopers outside of the Blooming Grove Barracks on Sept. 12 and fatally shot Cpl. Bryon Dickson with a high-powered rifle when he emerged into a parking lot. Frein then allegedly shot and wounded Trooper Alex Douglass when the officer went to Dickson’s aid.

Frein is charged with murder, attempted murder of a law enforcement officer and having a weapon of mass destruction, and prosecutors will seek the death penalty.

On Thursday Frein was also charged with two counts of terrorism after authorities found a letter to his parents in which he called for a revolution. "There is so much wrong and on so many levels [that] only passing through the crucible for another revolution can get us back to the liberties we once had,” Frein allegedly wrote in the letter, according to court documents. "I do not pretend to know what the revolution will look like or even if it would be successful."


— Phil Helsel