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Police: Three killed in apparent murder-suicide at Los Angeles-area senior housing facility

LOS ANGELES -- A man in his 80s described as problematic for years and angry with building management allegedly shot and killed two employees at a senior housing facility in Torrance before committing suicide Tuesday afternoon.

The incident happened in the lobby of Golden West Towers, located at 3510 N. Maricopa St., shortly after noon Tuesday.

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The alleged gunman, who was not immediately identified, was a resident of the building for at least a decade, according to neighbors. He allegedly shot and killed a female manager who lived at the facility and a female caretaker who lived offsite.

Neighbors said the man had been a problem for years.

Alex Galindo, a maintenance worker at the facility, described the man as a "nuisance" and a "threat." Residents had petitioned the management company to evict the man, Galindo said.

"People knew he was a little bit off, and people were warned, but nobody did anything. So I know there's going to be blood on a lot of people's hands. That's all I can say," Galindo said.

Also, Galindo said, about a year ago, the man allegedly slashed the manager's car tires, prompting building officials to point security cameras toward the car as added protection.

Golden West Towers is a 14-floor, 180-unit senior housing facility that offers subsidized apartments, according to the city of Torrance.