Pool Shock 911 Call From Frantic Mother Released

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A mother’s desperate call to police after her daughter was shocked in a Miami pool with two other children last month highlights the confusion that resulted from the freak, but avoidable accident.

“They say that there was, there was something in the water,” the mother tells the dispatcher during the 911 call, adding that her daughter is hurt and bleeding, but saying repetitively that she doesn't know what happened.

The mother’s cries of desperation are shrouded in confusion as she tries to explain how her daughter was injured in the seemingly innocuous pool.

Police believe that the little girl and two other children were shocked in the water on April 27 in an apartment complex pool in North Miami.

Newly released video showed two of the children go limp after they grabbed onto the metal railing while getting out of the shallow end of the pool. Investigators drained the pool to investigate where the jolt came from, and believe it flowed from faulty wiring on the underwater light.

At least two of the three children in the April incident were rendered unconscious and dragged out of the pool. The three children were rushed to the hospital and recovered.

Two weeks earlier, also in Miami, another little boy was electrocuted in the pool in his own backyard and did not survive. Investigators found that a malfunctioning light in that pool was to blame, according to a letter written by the 7-year-old’s parents.

In the letter, the parents plead with pool-owners to make sure their lights are wired properly and grounded so that they don’t shoot currents through the water or metal pool fixtures.

— Elisha Fieldstadt