Pricey Parking: $650K For Just One Space in Beacon Hill

Pricey Parking: $650K For One Space 1:30

If you have $650,000 just sitting around, you can buy a parking spot in the tony Boston neighborhood of Beacon Hill.

The Brimmer Street Garage is selling one 171-square-foot parking spot for $650,000. Housing, of course, is sold separately.

David Bates of Raveis Marketing Group, who works a few blocks away from the garage, said the price tag doesn't shock him. He told NBC affiliate NECN that scarcity is the biggest issue in the area.

"We've seen homes in Beacon Hill that have had list prices of up to ten million dollars, but didn't have parking. It's very tough to get parking at almost any price."

The last space to sell in the same garage, just last month, went for $390,000. That's 40 percent less than the latest price.

But if you're worried about parking in rough Boston winters, it may be worth it. "I think if you parked outside last winter, you may be tempted to spend the $650," Bates said.

For the same price, you can buy a three-bedroom, two-bathroom condo in South Boston, or a one bedroom, one bath condo in South End — which comes with two parking spaces.