Life Ride: Dogs Travel 600 Miles to Avoid High-Kill Shelter

Clear the Shelters: Puppies Given Another Chance at Life 2:06

It's summer road trip time, but some passengers are getting more than a vacation — they're getting a shot at a new life.

Five puppies and three adult dogs are making the almost 600 mile trek from North Carolina to Westchester, New York.

An elaborate caravan of volunteers spent their Saturday transporting the dogs.

Final destination? The Westchester SPCA, a no-kill shelter where their chance of being adopted is much higher.

Among them is 2-year-old Katrina, who was rescued from a high-kill shelter.

Nationwide about seven and a half million animals end up in shelters each year and about four million are adopted.

Katrina, one of the rescued dogs.

These newest arrivals have foster parents lined up, ready to take them in until they are ready for adoption.

Shannon Laukhuf, Executive Director of the Westchester SPCA, said while they already have a lot of dogs in their shelter, there are so many wonderful dogs across the country that are in need of homes.

"These puppies are all scheduled to be put to sleep in high-kill shelters and there's a real need up here in New York," Laukhuf said. "We don't often see puppies here in New York. It's saving lives and making families complete."

"I fell in love with her at the shelter," Katrina's new foster family said.

The work continues for the Westchester SPCA, with more dogs arriving and each one needing a home.

On August 15th, shelters across the country are taking part in a nationwide adoption initiative for shelter pets. Clear the Shelters cuts the cost of adoption for one-day, a partnership between hundreds of shelters, NBC Owned Television Stations and Telemundo Station Group.