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Rap-Battle Challenge Prompts Police Warning in Charlton, Massachusetts

A suspicious rap challenge has prompted a police investigation in Charlton, Massachusetts.Authorities say a group of men confronted three young teens

If you're in Massachusetts, beware before busting rhymes.

Police in the town of Charlton have warned locals to watch out for "suspicious" men challenging residents to rap battles.

The unusual warning came after police said a group of men in a black SUV confronted three young teens on Saturday afternoon. One of the men got out of the car and started rapping while the other occupants of the vehicle started asking the boys if they wanted to "spit some bars," according to the Charlton Police Facebook page.

The men drove off after the boys declined their offer and police were later contacted by the teens’ parents. The department described the encounter as “suspicious” and “frightening” but said it ruled out an attempted abduction.

A follow-up investigation has been launched, police added in a community notice posted to the department's Facebook page.

The notice prompted a flurry of comments, many sarcastic and confused.

"I hope they catch these monsters... What's next, a dance off?" one Facebook commenter posted. Others called the notice "absurd" and "a joke."

Police later issued a statement to "clarify" that the investigation wasn't about "rap music being sung in Charlton" but rather "the manner these older individuals used when approaching" children.

"We have encourage everyone to report suspicious activity to the police, and will continue to do so; even if it means we will be ridiculed for doing so," the department said in the follow-up comment. "We take it seriously when a parent is concerned for their child's safety."