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Raw audio documents eerie first moments of Colo. theater shooting

Police radio transmissions from Aurora, Colo., depict the shooting tragedy as it unfolded early Friday morning.

NBC affiliate KUSA in Denver acquired the audio from The Aurora Police Department told NBC News that it has not officially released the recordings between police officers and dispatch, but acknowledged they were available on the Internet.

Following are some of the transmissions from Friday morning:



  • "They're saying somebody's shooting in the auditorium."
  • "They're saying there's just hundreds of people running around."
  • "Somebody's spraying gas in there, too."
  • "Need more officers inside theater nine."
  • "We got another person outside shot in the leg, a female. I got people running out of the theater ..."
  • "Another victim on the north side of the theater in the parking lot."
  • "We need gas masks."
  • "I'm being told that he's in theater nine."
  • "Get out some d**n gas masks for theater nine. We can't get in it."
  • "We have a party in car shot."
  • "I need at least three or four ambulances brought in here."
  • "I need a marked car behind the theater ... the suspect in the gas mask."
  • "Set up a perimeter around the entire mall."
  • "We need rescue inside the auditorium. Multiple victims."
  • "Seven down in theater nine."
  • "Shooter might be wearing a white and blue plaid shirt."

At this time, police began dispatching help from surrounding police departments, including Denver.

  • "I need a medical crew inside. I got one victim eviscerated..."
  • "We're going to evacuate all we can out of nine."
  • "Shut this movie off at nine."
  • "Notify all the hospitals. We have people coming in."
  • "If they are mobile, get them outside. We have a few that are not mobile, we need a rescue crew right away."

Raw audio from the Aurora Fire Department is also online.

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