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Sean Spicer Returns — and so Does Melissa McCarthy Ahead of SNL

The comedian is bringing "Spicey" back for this weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live.
Actress Melissa McCarthy portrays White House spokesman Sean Spicer, while taping a segment for Saturday Night Live on Friday May 12, 2017, in New York.Bebeto Matthews / AP

Sean Spicer is back.

The White House press secretary returned to his duties hosting Friday's briefing after a short respite during a big week for the Trump administration (which also saw Spicer hide in bushes the night FBI Director James Comey was fired). And with perfect timing, comedian Melissa McCarthy is bringing back her Sean Spicer impression this weekend.

McCarthy was spotted rolling through New York City traffic on Friday morning on a mock White House press room podium. Donning her now-famous Spicer drag, McCarthy yelled at cars to get out of her way as she sped along — to the delight of dozens of onlookers that captured the skit on their phones.

As New Yorkers on their way to work stopped and filmed, McCarthy's Spicer showed signs of road rage while casually zooming through traffic on a podium that moved more like a Segway.

"Come on, come on!" yelled McCarthy's "Spicey" as she rolled aggressively forward on the motorized press podium.

The shoot was most likely for a skit airing this Saturday, as McCarthy returns to host Saturday Night Live. It will be the comedian's fifth time since 2011 hosting the iconic sketch comedy show, bringing her into the coveted "Five Timers Club," an inside joke that is repeatedly referenced by hosts.

In a promotional teaser for McCarthy's SNL hosting gig this weekend, the show posted a video of McCarthy dancing through 30 Rock studios singing a tune from West Side Story as makeup artists transformed her into Spicer.

McCarthy will also be the fifth woman to join the Five-Timers Club. The only women to host SNL five or more times are Drew Barrymore, Candice Bergen, Tina Fey, and Scarlett Johannson.

The comedian's gender-bending impression of the White House Press Secretary has been one of the most popular SNL takes on Trump administration politics since she first debuted it on February 5.

McCarthy's bullying, yelling Spicer — who frequently picks up the press podium and uses it to physically intimidate reporters — made such an impression that Spicer himself responded to the impression the next day.

"[McCarthy] needs to slow down on the gum chewing; way too many pieces in there," said Spicer in February, quipping that the comedian "could dial back" her impression of him.