Secret Service Accessed Rep. Chaffetz’s Personal Info 60 Times

Homeland Security Inspector General John Roth testified at a joint House-Senate hearing Tuesday that Secret Service employees improperly accessed a restricted database 60 times looking for information on House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Jason Chaffetz.

The access began minutes before Secret Service Director Clancy began testifying at a hearing chaired by Chaffetz on March 24th and continued through April 2nd of this year.

“Knowledge of Chairman Chaffetz’s application was widespread and was fueled and confirmed by improper access to the Secret Service database at issue,” Roth said.

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The Secret Service apologized last month to the Utah Republican, a prominent critic of the agency, for violating federal privacy law by improperly accessing sensitive personal information about him dozens of times in little more than a single week.

Chaffetz previously called the unauthorized retrieval of his unsuccessful application to join the Secret Service in 2003 "a tactic designed to intimidate and embarrass me."