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See before and after photos of San Francisco Bay Area shrouded in smoke

Dolores Park and San Francisco's famed bridges look dramatically different when shrouded in acrid wildfire smoke, pictures show.
Smoky skies over the Golden Gate Bridge.
Smoky skies over the Golden Gate Bridge.Getty Images; AP

San Francisco residents awoke Wednesday to dark orange skies clouded with smoke that had blown in from wildfires burning in national forests across California and Oregon.

Photos show how dramatically the smoke changed the color and brightness of the city's famed vistas on Wednesday. The Golden Gate Bridge, viewed from Marine Drive in the Presidio, is missing behind an eerie cloud of orange haze.

Move the sliders from left to right to see the smoke-filled scenes.

In Dolores Park, the beloved Mission neighborhood hangout with its iconic view of the city's downtown skyline, skyscrapers were backlit by an orange morning glow. And the Bay Bridge connecting the San Francisco Peninsula to the east is visible — but not the Berkeley Hills behind the Port of Oakland, now lost in smoke

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