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Show It All: Charting the Week's Top Stories

In a week of surprise announcements, Ted Cruz named a running mate, and Tom Brady's suspension was reinstated, plus other big stories we followed.
AFC Championship - New England Patriots v Denver Broncos
Tom BradyChristian Petersen / Getty Images

In a week of surprise announcements, Ted Cruz named a running mate and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's suspension was reinstated.

Here's a look back at those stories and the week's other top news — in the form of five charts:

1. U.S. to Send More Military Personnel to Syria

President Barack Obama said the U.S. will send an additional 250 military personnel to Syria, significantly expanding the American presence there to fight ISIS. Obama made the announcement in a speech in Germany. He said the additional troops — including some special forces as well as medical and logistical specialists — were necessary in order to "keep up this momentum" against ISIS. News of the deployment was first reported by The Wall Street Journal. The additional personnel will bolster the contingent of around 50 commandos authorized for operations in Syria.

2. Tom Brady's Four Game Suspension Back On

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was ordered Monday to serve a four-game "Deflategate" suspension. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled that the NFL has the authority to suspend Brady, overturning a lower court ruling. Now, the Patriots must again plan on starting a season without him.

3. Clinton, Trump Win Big in Tuesday's Primaries

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump continued their march to their parties' respective presidential nominationsduring five state's primaries on Tuesday. Trump swept five GOP contests, and Hillary Clinton won four of the Democratic primaries. Trump declared himself the "presumptive nominee" after his big wins on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Clinton moved to embrace Bernie Sanders' supporters. "We will unify our party to win this election," she said Tuesday.

4. Cruz Names Carly Fiorina as Running Mate

Ted Cruz announced Wednesday he will tap Carly Fiorina to be his running mate if he is the Republican Party's presidential nominee. "It is unusual to make the announcement as early as we are doing so now," Cruz said at a rally to announce his pick in Indianapolis. "Well I think all would acknowledge that this race, if anything, is unusual." Fiorina, a former HP CEO who highlighted her business background during her own 2016 run, dropped her unsuccessful White House bid in February. She endorsed Cruz one month later and has been a frequent surrogate for him on the campaign trail.

5. Prince's Sister Says He Had No Known Will

Prince's sister says the superstar musician had no known will and she's filed paperwork asking to be appointed executor of his estate. With some $27 million in property and an outpouring of nostalgia over the pop star's death, Prince's heirs could stand to inherit a small fortune. The size of the fortune isn't clear, and recent disputes suggest money was tight.