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Six middle school students charged with assault after attack on Virginia bus driver

Six students who allegedly assaulted a Richmond, Va., middle school bus driver Tuesday have been arrested and charged, according to the Richmond Police Department. 

The unidentified students face felony aggravated assault and assault by mob charges, police said. A seventh student was suspended in connection with the incident. 

Richmond City school administrators said the group of students attacked a bus driver on the way to Albert Hill Middle School at approximately 7:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. The alleged assault left the 55-year-old male bus driver with serious face and head injuries, according to NBC12, a station in Richmond.

According to the police report, the alleged attack forced the driver to stop the vehicle and call the police. 

"It's a dangerous position to be in," bus monitor Hilda Davis told NBC12. "To be attacked like that is a terrible thing to anybody. I feel all these drivers' pain. You know, it's a risk and somebody needs to be held accountable. I don't like this at all."

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The mother of one of the alleged attackers told Richmond's CBS6 station that the incident began when students on the bus threw crayons at the bus driver. She claims that the driver became agitated and started hitting her son, which triggered the assault.

Police have not specified a motive for the alleged attack.

Richmond Public Schools spokeswoman Felicia Cosby said school officials are continuing to investigate the attack in cooperation with local police. 

"We are taking this matter seriously and are working expeditiously with the Richmond Police Department to conduct a full investigation,” Cosby told CBS6. “Once we complete our investigation, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. The safety and security of both our students and staff are paramount to our mission of promoting student achievement. The alleged misconduct will not be tolerated and those who exhibit such conduct will meet swift and appropriate discipline."

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