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'SNL' portrays Giuliani's election testimony as full of hot air

Cecily Strong's Melissa Carone promised to tell the truth: "I signed an after-David."
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"Saturday Night Live" returned from a short hiatus to chide President Donald Trump's unsuccessful efforts to overturn his November election loss.

The show opened with a spoof of Wednesday's election hearing before a Michigan House panel that featured testimony from Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, as well as input from Melissa Carone, who claimed to have witnessed voter "fraud" without offering solid details or evidence.

Carone's real-world, over-the-top performance, including castigating lawmakers while gazing at them through righteous spectacles, was said by some to have been tailor-made for "SNL," and the show obliged fans.

Cecily Strong channeled a bit of her popular character, The Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started A Conversation With At A Party, to portray Carone.

Giuliani, played by Kate McKinnon, introduced Carone as one of the "barely intoxicated individuals who are all eye witnesses" to election fraud.

"I promise to tell my whole story," Carone said, " ... so help me Gob."

She gave her account of allegedly stolen votes in Detroit.

"I personally saw hundreds if not thousands of dead people vote," Carone said. "I'm not lying. I signed an after-David. David signed and I signed right after David."

Other witnesses included "Nicole Kidman's character from 'the Undoing'" (Chloe Fineman) and the "MyPillow guy," Trump supporter Mike Lindell (Beck Bennett), who said he's "refreshed and ready to steal an election, thanks to MyPillow."

After Trump's supporters were asked to stop drinking during the hearing, Giuliani wrapped up the testimony.

"In conclusion, I would say the defense rests, but we will never rest," he said. "Not until this election is overturned. Or I get a full pardon and $10 mil cash."

He invited the audience to learn more about Trump's election challenges.

"If you like what you saw here today, we’re having a press conference right after this at the Ritz-Carlton … plumbing and heating supply company," Giuliani said.

News segment "Weekend Update" continued to hammer Trump for his fruitless election challenges and unproven claims of widespread voter fraud.

Co-host Colin Jost said Trump's team "had election lawsuits tossed out in six different states, proving this administration will never stop fighting. Except the coronavirus."

Jost marveled at Trump's claim that the presidential election was rigged "at the highest level."

"Dude, you’re the highest level," he said. "You were in charge when the election happened."

Fellow host Michael Che, meanwhile, expressed reservations about coronavirus vaccines expected to begin U.S. distribution this month, with healthcare workers and residents of longterm care facilities first in line.

"I got mixed feelings on this vaccine," he said. "On the one hand, I’m Black, so naturally I don’t trust it. But, on the other hand, I’m on a white TV show, so I might actually get the real one."

Actor Jason Bateman hosted the show for the second time in 15 years. Country artist Morgan Wallen was the musical guest.