Falling Roof Bolt Injures 3 Fans During Colts-Bengals Game in Indianapolis

Three fans were injured — two of them hospitalized — when a bolt fell from the stadium roof at the Colts-Bengals game in Indianapolis late Thursday, officials said.

The accident happened when the retractable roof was being opened for the second half of the game at Lucas Oil Stadium, the stadium's operators said in a statement.

"A bolt from the fixed structure sheared and dropped into seating…in the northwest corner of the seating bowl," according to the statement from Barney Levengood, executive director of the Capital Improvement Board of Managers.

The roof's movement was stopped immediately and on-site medical teams assessed all the injuries to be non-life threatening. A man and a woman were hospitalized and another man was treated and released on site, the statement added.

The Bengals went on to beat the Colts 9-6.

Thursday's was the second structural incident at the stadium in two years. In September 2013 two people were injured after a railing collapsed as the Colts played the Oakland Raiders.