Standoff Ends in Brookhaven, Mississippi With Suspect Dead: Police

BROOKHAVEN, Miss. — A man resisting eviction died after he barricaded himself in his apartment for hours and fired shots at police, authorities said, adding one officer was injured in the standoff.

The standoff drew a SWAT team to the community of Brookhaven shortly after 6 p.m. Monday and ended just before midnight, said spokesman Warren Strain with the Mississippi Department of Public Safety.

Authorities have not said if the man was shot by police or killed himself. He wasn't immediately identified.

Authorities said the suspect was in the process of being evicted when he fired a shot at officers through the door. He then barricaded himself in the apartment, where he continued to shoot out a bedroom window.

Strain says Brookhaven police asked the Mississippi Highway Patrol to send its SWAT team to the apartments. Strain said one officer suffered injuries but they weren't life-threatening. It was unclear whether the officer was wounded by gunfire or hit by shrapnel. That officer also wasn't identified.

Local media outlets reported that residents of the apartment complex hearing gun fire throughout the evening.

Strain said state police will handle the investigation.

Brookhaven, a community of about 12,000, is some 50 miles south of Jackson.