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Suspect in custody after high-speed chase on Greyhound bus, police say

Police said they were investigating a disorderly and possibly armed individual aboard the bus, which was carrying some 40 passengers from Milwaukee to Chicago.
Image: Greyhound bus
The Greyhound bus which was pursued by police near the Wisconsin-Illinois borderRacine County Sheriffs Office

A suspect is in custody following a police pursuit of a Greyhound bus across the Wisconsin-Illinois border late Friday, Illinois police said.

Police said the chase began after reports of a disorderly and possibly armed individual aboard the bus, which was carrying some 40 passengers. The bus was travelling from Milwaukee to Chicago.

The police pursuit began at approximately 10 p.m. local time Friday, (11 p.m. E.T.,) on Interstate 94 in Wisconsin, a spokesperson for Greyhound said.

The pursuit crossed into Illinois and the bus eventually stopped near the exit ramp to Route 173.

No injuries were reported.

One passenger, Patrick Dodd, described how a man began “acting crazy” and continued to threaten passengers. Dodd said it looked as if the man had a weapon and moved to draw something from his pants.

“Everybody was scared,” he said, adding “we tried to calm him down. He refused to.”

Dodd said the driver also refused to stop the bus and that it eventually came to halt after hitting several spike strips laid across the road.

Recordings from police radios confirmed that the bus hit several sets of spikes before grinding to a halt at approximately 10.20 p.m. local time (11.20 p.m. E.T.)

Police said the bus came to a stop near the exit ramp to Illinois on Route 173 and that all 40 passengers were evacuated off the bus safely.