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Tempers and Fists Fly at Indiana Town Meeting

A small town meeting got out of hand when a vote over the town marshal turned violent.

Someone should call the marshal.

An Indiana town meeting got out of hand earlier this week when a vote for the new marshal turned into an all-out brawl.

The town board of Hymera, with a population of about 800, southwest of Indianapolis, met to elect a new marshal, but tempers soon flared up. Daryl McCullough, who was elected as town marshal, got into an argument with the daughter of former marshal Darrick Cullison.

When McCullough told Cullison's daughter to shut up, several people ran to attack McCullough.

"I didn't really expect it to be that way, but it got sort of out of hand," McCullough told NBC affiliate WTHR. "When they started yelling at what I said and I didn't say, this other gal started to step in and screaming and yelling and she don't know nothing and I told her to shut up. Then here they come. There was three of them attacking me."

The meeting was adjourned after the fight, and Indiana State Police were called to investigate.

Cullison was terminated in October, but has filed a lawsuit seeking his job back and back pay, according to the Indianapolis Star.

As for McCullough, he says he still wants the job; he was sworn in as town marshal just as the police arrived, according to WTHR.