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Three Sinkholes Leave Florida Neighborhood on Edge

The holes have swallowed two cars, condemned a mobile home and led to the evacuation of five others.

Three sinkholes have opened up within blocks of one another in the span of a single week, putting the residents of a Tampa Bay-area neighborhood on edge. The first hole formed Monday and engulfed a car before it stopped growing at 10 feet deep by 10 feet wide, according to a statement from Pasco County Emergency Management. The car’s owner, Anna Maria Boi-Jones, also had to flee her mobile home, which sat at the edge of the hole and ended up being condemned. “This is a shock, there's no place I have to go anymore,” Boi-Jones told NBC affiliate WFLA. Five other mobile homes were evacuated. The second hole — which also swelled to 10 feet wide — opened in a nearby roadway but didn’t damage any cars or homes, according to NBC Miami. A third car-swallowing hole formed about a quarter-mile away in a driveway, according to The Associated Press.

Pasco County spokesman Doug Tobin announced that sewer work nearby had been suspended but didn’t say the construction had caused the holes. The uncertainty about the cause of the hole outbreak is worrying people who live in the area. “I hope they fix it and find out what’s going on,” said Pasco resident Debbie Adams, adding that the situation is “scary, very scary.”



— Elisha Fieldstadt